Bhatia Group was born of a vision. A vision to look beyond the ordinary; to foresee opportunities; to attain the unattainable; to create in-roads into newer vistas of change and above all, to bridge the demand-supply gap for coal, the world’s fossil fuel.


The Bhatia Group was established in 1979. From a humble family-run business to a dynamic group of professionals who nurture the same vision and enthusiasm - over the years the Bhatia Group has moved from strength to strength. In its quest to excel, the Group has always remained committed.


Today, Bhatia Group is a name to reckon with in the industry.  Time and again, Bhatia Group has been strengthening its core areas of specialization. Bhatia Group has been making a crucial and scarce energy source like coal accessible to one and all, across India and the globe.


Every day, every minute, over 30 offices and over a thousand dedicated professionals of the company, reach out, touching lives in someway or the other by delivering high quality coal in a cost-effective manner. To do so, Bhatia Group has established a presence at all the major ports in India and destinations across the globe.


Bhatia Group has the distinction of being the largest coal trading house in India. It enjoys a market share of 1/4th of the overall coal imports in India. Bhatia Group doesn’t believe in resting on its past successes. With every dawn, a new beginning dawns for Bhatia Group.  The company traverses that extra mile with integrated business interests- washeries, coal mining, shipping, to name a few. 

Sound Financials. Bhatia Group’s turnover has grown with growth rate of more than 60 % per Annum.
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